GYBDA. Gibraltar Yachting Association.

Gibraltar starts with the advantages of location, language and a globally respected Common Law legal system.

It was necessary to build out and consolidate from this strong base to further develop the Yachting sector. The aim of GYBDA is to enhance the competitiveness and reputation of Gibraltar as an International Maritime center and work in unison with the various members in the industry and competent authorities. It is our aim to further develop the Yachting and Super Yacht sector in Gibraltar by creating the right business conditions for its success and in close consultation with Government where necessary

GYBDA aims to build the foundations of a vibrant and profitable yachting sector by further extending our product and services hence attracting existing vessels to stay longer periods in Gibraltar.

Yacht Gibraltar.


                                      The Gibraltar Yachting Business Development Association was formed in 2016.

  • Gibraltar has always been historically an important port of call for yachts.
  • Local companies offer a broad range of equipment, services, parts and supplies.
  • During the past 10 years, local businesses, authorities and government departments involved in the yachting industry have further increased their capabilities
  • Its strategy is to be led by its members and the sector as a whole
  • To bring all those involved in the yachting industry together to improve the “Gibraltar offer” as a whole.
  • To promote the Gibraltar product to all those involved in this global industry.
  • The Gibraltar Government publicly welcomed this initiative and is keen to work jointly on all fronts to develop this important sector of the Economy.

The range of services now available include, but are not limited to;

  • Fuel suppliers
  • Corporate Service Providers
  • Insurance
  • Yacht repair / technical services
  • Crew training
  • Yacht supply / provision
  • Specialist yacht agents
  • Law Firms
  • Accountants
  • Yacht surveys / inspections / management
  • Crew Services

Whilst all of these services are available in Gibraltar, many members of the Association are able to provide their services on a regional and global level.

It is the aim of the association to increase business opportunities, strengthen the local Gibraltar product, and promote the services and products available as far afield as possible.




Richard Felipes – Chairman

Mark Lincoln – Vice Chairman

Gabriel Gonzalez – General Secretary

Andrew Camilleri – Treasurer

John Collins

Brett Bridge

Ed Baginskis



Boats sailing GYBDA Gibraltar

  • GYBDA was unofficially started early in 2015 and its founder members finally formed it 'officially' in  2016 with a board elected to represent its members and their interests.
  • GYBDA also works closely with Government and Government departments on various fronts more notably:
    • Made important contributions to the final version and launch of the new SSR in Gibraltar initiated by the GMA
    • Closely working with the GMA on a joint marketing plan for the 2017 season
    • Looking at setting up an annual Yachting Forum in Gibraltar with an important element of foreign participation.
    • Closely working with the GPOA ( Gibraltar Port Operators Association) on areas of joint interest where synergies can be derived  with :
      • Economies of expenditure
      • Maximum impact where combined interests are shared.
      • More efficient in Government consultations.
  • Working closely with Gibraltar Port Authorities re the marketing of the extended wall for SY outside the small boats marina. 
  • Shortly to meet new Minister the Hon G Licudi to discuss the possible impact of Brexit on the Yachting front.